Judith Corrigan

DaVinci said: Art is not a thing of the eye - it is a thing of the mind. Every mature genuine artist must come to the realization that their work is a psychic self-portrait; a self-history. It's clear that Judith Corrigan has arrived at that place with her work. Her work is the unfolding of her subterranean images; those images we all have that are a record of our felt experiences. She deals with her connections -  to her past, to her world, to her present. Her work is vibrant, energetic, and direct. She works in the manner of the Automatists, but is no mere "self-expressionist." She relates the mix of the spontaneous with critical assessment. The beginning artist explores, as does the mature artist; the difference is that the mature artist - finds. Judith has found a voice, and a soul, and it is a genuine piece of music. It's to our benefit if we can  listen.


—Victor Caglioti, Who's Who In American Art

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